What Can I Get?


All services are funded by the Community First Choice Option (the K Plan) or the Title XIX Waiver Program.

Everything purchased with Support Services dollars must qualify for what is known as a "social benefit". A social benefit is a service "solely intended to assist an individual with disabilities to function in society on a level comparable to that of an individual...who does not have a disability." As such, every expenditure must meet all 9 of these criteria to be considered for the use of Support Service funds:

The service must be directly related to a specific goal on the individual's plan and may never exceed the amount in the authorized Individual Support Plan.

  • The service must be required to maintain or increase independence and/or community participation and/or productivity.

  • The service must be required solely because of the direct effects of a developmental disability.

  • The service does not replace an existing support system or resource.

  • The service does not replace other governmental benefits (OVRS, Department of Ed., SSI, OHP...).

  • The service does not provide for basic needs or food, shelter or clothing.

  • The service is a cost-effective use of public resources.

  • The service is never a direct payment to a beneficiary.

  • The service is never for activities that are purely diversional.

General categories of services include:

  • Case Management

  • Attendant Care

  • Employment Supports

  • Community Transportation

  • Relief Care

  • Behavior Supports

  • Community Nursing

  • Skill Training

  • Assistive Devices/Technology

  • Environmental Modifications

  • Family Training

  • Home Delivered Meals

  • Specialized Diets

  • Specialized Supplies

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