Support Service Brokerages are responsible for linking customers with qualified providers to help them achieve their goals. Wherever possible, the customer will use natural supports already available within the community. However, when necessary, the customer may use funds to purchase these supports from a qualified provider.

The customer decides from whom (s)he would like to receive service. The provider of the service must meet a strict criteria of qualifications in order to be paid with government funds to perform the supports.

The types of providers include:

Personal Support Workers (PSW) are providers directly employed by the customer or a designated employer. This employment relationship is formalized with a job description between employer and employee. Services are provided under a service agreement. PSW rates are determined by collective bargaining between the SEIU (union) and the state. Check out this video on being a support provider or explore our PSW Resources page.

Independent Contractors provide time limited supports such as job development and home modifications. The customer and contractor are joined together by a contract. Some rates are determined by the state while others are determined by the local market and require bidding processes.

Provider Organizations are private organizations that are licensed by the state of Oregon. These services are provider under a service agreement. These rates are determined by the state.

General Businesses are organizations who serve the general public, offering the same services to people with and without intellectual/developmental disabilities.

All providers, regardless of type, are bound by Oregon Administrative Rules.